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29 May 2020 ~ 23 Comments


By Carlos Alberto Montaner Fauda means “chaos” in Hebrew and Arabic. It is the name of a magnificent Netflix series. The best way to pass the time under this damn confinement caused by Covid-19, aka “the Old People Killer”, is to watch a television series. I have done it in this endless quarantine.  I loved it. […]

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23 May 2020 ~ 5 Comments

Those who do not participate in the “First Progressive International”

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I read on RT (Russia Today) a long report on the creation of a “First Progressive International” to fight liberal ideas in the difficult times of Covid-19. RT is the unofficial voice of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It is a media set that Moscow uses to act as a snake in the […]

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02 May 2020 ~ 9 Comments

Les Luthiers

By Carlos Alberto Montaner  The first time I heard Les Luthiers it was a beautiful cantata dedicated to the laxative. It was titled “Laxatón”. It was delicious. The laughter arose from the incongruity among those young people –we were in 1972– dressed in tailcoats, who did not move a muscle of the face, but spoke […]

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18 April 2020 ~ 66 Comments

China and the conspiracies

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I don’t usually believe in secret conspiracies to take over the world. They exist indeed, as in Spain it is said of witches, but they are generally traps aimed at the unwary. The best known was a czarist political police fabrication contained in an apocryphal booklet titled The Protocols of the Elders […]

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10 April 2020 ~ 103 Comments

The world was not and will not be a filthy place

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Henry Kissinger says that “the world will never be the same after the coronavirus.” He assumes that the pandemic will forever alter the world order. I don’t think so. The truth is that the world is constantly changing. Every generation change clothing, music, ideas, things, but the substance is still there. […]

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15 March 2020 ~ 17 Comments

Cuba and the era of Lezama Lima

By Carlos Alberto Montaner In Miami, for some years now, there has been a remarkable film festival, increasingly important, sponsored by Miami Dade College. On Sunday March 8 they exhibited a great documentary. Its title was “Letters to Eloísa” and it was directed by a magnificent filmmaker named Adriana Bosch. It’s excellent. The starting point […]

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08 March 2020 ~ 6 Comments

The election of the elderly

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Only Bernie Sanders (78) and Joe Biden (77) remain in the Democratic field. A radical and a centrist. One of them will face Donald Trump next November. They are two elders, but Trump, with almost 74 years, is also in the same group. It will be a battle between people who […]

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01 March 2020 ~ 42 Comments

Bernie Sanders and the “syndrome of the progre”

By Carlos Alberto Montaner “If you are not a socialist at 20, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative by the time you are 40, you have no brain.” The phrase was never said by Churchill, but is stubbornly attributed to him. Anyway, it is not true. These individuals have a brain, […]

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23 February 2020 ~ 22 Comments

The diplomatic battle of the century in Latin America

By Carlos Alberto Montaner It is about the control of the OAS. Uruguayan Luis Almagro will try to re-elect himself as Secretary General of the OAS in March. I wish he can make it. He is a lawyer who comes from the left. He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of “Pepe” […]

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15 February 2020 ~ 48 Comments

The ruler anointed by the grace of God

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Until a week ago, Nayib Bukele was the ruler with the most popular support on the planet. Last Sunday he tried to take Parliament. Now we have to wait for the polls to determine in what place he is now and know if he is still “the most handsome and cool […]

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