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07 December 2019 ~ 9 Comments

Peronism goes back to power

By Carlos Alberto Montaner On December 10 there will be a peaceful change of command in Argentina. That is great. One of the Peronist families will take power. That’s not so great. Mauricio Macri will hand over power to Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a repeat offender with eleven cases open for corruption. […]

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30 November 2019 ~ 44 Comments

United States: the nation against the republic

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The collision is inevitable in 2020. The nation is woven with subjective perceptions and stereotypes. The republic, with laws that respond to social changes. The nation gives us the platonic idea of “the Americans”: they are white, blond, independent and brave, presumably with clear eyes, idealistic, nationalistic, enterprising. They worship the […]

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24 November 2019 ~ 26 Comments


By Carlos Alberto Montaner Now it is Colombia’s turn. It happened before in Mexico and Chile. Vandals have destroyed a great part of Santiago de Chile. They went mercilessly against the public transport system. More than two dozen stations were burned to the ground. These actions directly affect the poorest workers and the companies in […]

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16 November 2019 ~ 39 Comments

Five questions to “Mike” Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State, regarding Cuba and Latin America

By Carlos Alberto Montaner 1.- Traditionally, U.S. foreign policy in relation to Cuba was based on the strategy of “containment of communism.” In the Cuban case that translated into diplomatic isolation, economic embargo (limited) and dissemination of information about the excesses of the dictatorship and its social and economic failures.  Critics claimed that it had not […]

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10 November 2019 ~ 21 Comments

The infamous wall was torn down 30 years ago

By Carlos Alberto Montaner  On November 9, 1989, the demolition of the Berlin Wall began, together with the disappearance of communism in Europe. Thirty years have passed since that extraordinary episode. I remember it as the happiest days of my life.  It is impossible to forget the image of these jubilant young people tearing down with […]

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03 November 2019 ~ 95 Comments

Go to bed, or the neoliberal is coming to eat you

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Diario de Cuba detected 22 diction mistakes in Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel’s 17-minute speech to the “Non-Aligned”. It is true, he speaks “with a cigar in his mouth”, although he does not smoke cigars, like some people from the Cuban province of Villa Clara, and sometimes confuses the letter “r” and the […]

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27 October 2019 ~ 68 Comments

The destruction in Chile

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Andrés Oppenheimer, the first analyst of Latin American reality in the United States, says that Chilean street riots are the expression of the revolt of a successful society that demands standards of living such as those in the United States or Europe. It is not a poor country that protests due […]

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26 October 2019 ~ 31 Comments

The Exile Experience at MDC Special Collections invites you to attend Exile Today (THURSDAY / OCTOBER 31 / 7:00 PM)

The Exile Experience at MDC Special Collections invites you to attend Exile Today, a program that reflects on the unique cultural impact of Miami’s exile community. Curated by prolific Cuban author, speaker, and intellectual Carlos Alberto Montaner, Exile Today‘s first renditions investigate the Cuban experience in the United States. To launch the series, Montaner will invite Jorge Pérez, developer and CEO of The Related […]

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23 October 2019 ~ 34 Comments

Some uncomfortable questions to Senator Bernie Sanders

Manuel Castro Rodríguez Dear Senator Sanders, First of all, please accept my respectful greeting to you. Thank you for taking the time to read me. I have sent you more of a dozen emails to and, but you have gone silent. Does you not understand the damage what Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber is doing to our democracy?

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19 October 2019 ~ 41 Comments

The 10 common characteristics of populist rulers from left or right

By Carlos Alberto Montaner* Is your president a “populist”? Calling a politician or an official “populist” is a quick and safe way to disqualify him. But what makes these characters “populist”? The recent and much more extended reading of this decalogue inspired by the short essay What is Populism, by Jan-Werner Müller, caused many of those […]

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