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15 February 2020 ~ 63 Comments

The ruler anointed by the grace of God

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Until a week ago, Nayib Bukele was the ruler with the most popular support on the planet. Last Sunday he tried to take Parliament. Now we have to wait for the polls to determine in what place he is now and know if he is still “the most handsome and cool […]

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09 February 2020 ~ 124 Comments

The liberal family; friends and foes

To Antonella Marty By Carlos Alberto Montaner* A few years ago, we knew what we should do in Latin America to overcome underdevelopment: imitate Chile. It was not always like that. In 1959, the year in which the Cuban communist revolution won, Chile had a mediocre performance. Its per capita and its economic development index […]

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01 February 2020 ~ 71 Comments

Stupidity and Palestine

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The Palestinian leaders immediately shattered the peace plan presented by Donald Trump. It has been another stupidity committed by the Palestinian leaders. I blame the leaders because I suspect that ordinary Palestinians would have preferred the plan to be accepted in order to face life with some optimism. As, gloomily, Golda […]

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24 January 2020 ~ 179 Comments

Deliver us, oh Lord, from stable geniuses

By Carlos Alberto Montaner “Las armas del coronel” (The colonel’s weapons) is the blog of the moment. It must be taken into account. The Venezuelan exile Gustavo Coronel, a geologist trained in the US, has brilliantly explained why he opposes Donald John Trump, despite acknowledging him certain undeniable merits and thanking him for doing what […]

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19 January 2020 ~ 52 Comments

What to do with the Cuban regime?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner President Trump has decided to impose sanctions against the Cuban regime. He has been increasingly doing it ever since he became president. The latest measures, announced by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, consist of limiting charter flights to Havana. That, they hope, will substantially reduce the travels of emigrants and the […]

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29 December 2019 ~ 9 Comments

A song against wars

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Music moves hearts magically. This article is a tribute to a song, Silent Night, which proves it. If the reader does not believe me, I beg him to look for the anecdote on In these times of “fake news” I usually check the information on that website. This week Snopes brings a long review […]

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22 December 2019 ~ 3 Comments

The voting age

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Deputy Camila Vallejo, a young Chilean communist, believes that 16-year-olds should vote in her country. I don’t know why 14-year-olds are not also allowed to vote. Or 13-year-olds, as happens with Jewish Bar Mitzvah. That’s the trend. The communists from “Podemos” wants the same in Spain. And Camila is not alone […]

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15 December 2019 ~ 34 Comments

The impeachment of Donald Trump

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Democrats insist on prosecuting the president and Republicans insist on preventing it. From the law’s point of view, Republicans are right, but, as Brazilians often say, “they are right, but little, so little that it is useless.” Trump will be prosecuted. It is a dialogue of the deaf. Republicans, rightly, remind […]

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07 December 2019 ~ 10 Comments

Peronism goes back to power

By Carlos Alberto Montaner On December 10 there will be a peaceful change of command in Argentina. That is great. One of the Peronist families will take power. That’s not so great. Mauricio Macri will hand over power to Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a repeat offender with eleven cases open for corruption. […]

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30 November 2019 ~ 44 Comments

United States: the nation against the republic

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The collision is inevitable in 2020. The nation is woven with subjective perceptions and stereotypes. The republic, with laws that respond to social changes. The nation gives us the platonic idea of “the Americans”: they are white, blond, independent and brave, presumably with clear eyes, idealistic, nationalistic, enterprising. They worship the […]

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