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16 October 2020 ~ 1 Comment

Donald Trump’s best defense

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Tom Klingestein is the author of the most intelligent defense of Donald Trump I have ever seen. I am referring to his conference “Trump 2020: A Man vs a Movement”, that can be found easily on the Internet. TK lives in NY and is the Chairman of the Claremont Institute, a conservative […]

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09 October 2020 ~ 5 Comments

Sanctions and rewards

By Carlos Alberto Montaner It seems the right way to me. On October 8, Mike Pompeo announced the name of another sanctioned individual, José López Bello, one of the Venezuelans indicted. Pompeo is the US Secretary of State. Previously, he was the CIA director. The department that Pompeo heads today offers five million dollars as […]

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04 October 2020 ~ 74 Comments

Why I don’t like Donald Trump

To my friend, the writer Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo By Carlos Alberto Montaner I don’t like Trump, first of all, because I don’t like his character as an arrogant and oppressive person (a bully) who lies or exaggerates. “Trumpologists” estimate that he has said more than twenty thousand lies, deformations of reality or “post-truths.” I […]

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25 September 2020 ~ 4 Comments

Will Trump win or will Biden win?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner There are about thirty days left for the elections. I ask Joaquín Pérez-Rodríguez (an expert in electoral matters with more than twenty years of international experience and forty in Venezuela) who will win the contest in the United States on November 3. This is his answer: “In the United States, given […]

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05 September 2020 ~ 13 Comments

Will Nicolás Maduro commit suicide?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I am told that Nicolás Maduro is deeply depressed. His country’s situation is extremely serious and there is no relief for the crisis. It will get progressively worse. He knows it. He has even thought of committing suicide. “The Cubans” are very concerned with that possibility. He would not be the […]

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30 August 2020 ~ 17 Comments

Donald Trump’s strategy

By Carlos Alberto Montaner At last the conventions ended. Trump’s was much more showy than Biden’s. The amazing thing is that the Americans did not pay due attention to one or the other. The White House grounds were a natural set for projecting Trump’s message. The argument that the law prohibits the use of public […]

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22 August 2020 ~ 7 Comments

Evo Morales, a counterrevolutionary caudillo

By Carlos Alberto Montaner It happened a few days ago. A woman in her 70s toured hospitals in Oruro, Bolivia, in search of oxygen. She had Covid 19. She was dying. She had no strength for anything. She felt confused, as if thinking was taking a great deal of effort. Everywhere she was told the […]

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14 August 2020 ~ 18 Comments

Kamala and the new narrative

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Joe Biden has done very well in choosing Kamala Harris as his VP. She can take the reins of the US if Biden dies or becomes incapacitated at the White House. After all, if he wins the November elections, he would start his term at 78 years of age. He would […]

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31 July 2020 ~ 4 Comments

Medicines and dreams

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Why are medicines so expensive in the United States? The short answer has to do with research and development costs. What follows is the long one, crowned with a delightful story. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is more expensive than the cost of a spoiled child studying abroad. Its usefulness […]

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24 July 2020 ~ 13 Comments

Trump, Biden and the damned coronavirus

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I don’t have the slightest idea on how the pandemic of a century ago influenced the 1920 elections. More than half a million Americans died while the country had a third of the population that the census shows today. Face masks and “social distancing” were almost the only medicine available. It […]

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