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15 January 2021 ~ 3 Comments

Donald Trump’s second impeachment

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Donald Trump has received a second impeachment. Will his opponents win? It doesn’t matter. Nathaniel Rakich, a notable statistician, claims that 52% of Americans support Donald Trump leaving power immediately, while 42% believe otherwise. His argument is based on nine surveys that he has dissected. He has done the math and […]

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10 January 2021 ~ 133 Comments

Trump, now what?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The institutions worked. Everything went very wrong for Donald Trump and very good for the rest of the planet and American society. As we know, in the early hours of January 7, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were ratified as President and Vice President of the United States. Mike Pence faced […]

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01 January 2021 ~ 4 Comments

Biden and Cuba

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The Havana regime is desperate. It pretends that Biden, when he begins to rule, gets it off the hook. Venezuela is knocked out. The crisis has no end and will worsen with each passing day. Relations with Russia are not good. Cuba does not have the money to pay its obligations […]

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19 December 2020 ~ 3 Comments

Cuba: System reform won’t do much good

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The Cuban regime wants to make reforms. That’s very good. Cuban society is staggeringly unproductive. They will start with the currency. Well thought! It is useless to make reforms if the essential element, money, is worth very little. Especially in the vicinity of the United States, where His Majesty the Dollar reigns […]

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11 December 2020 ~ 2 Comments

The Supreme Court again on trial

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The news is chilling. Donald Trump, Texas and 17 states had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate elections in four states in which Joe Biden, at the head of the Democrats, narrowly won. The signatures of 108 Republican congressmen went with the lawsuit. The plaintiffs didn’t care that Biden had […]

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04 December 2020 ~ 15 Comments

Isolationism vs Globalization in the US (Third and last part)

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, a lady of Spanish origin, exclaimed cheerfully on Twitter regarding Joe Biden’s victory, “Welcome back America!” “Welcome back” to where? Obviously, to the leadership of what has come to be called “the free world,” from where the United States should not have left. Virtually all the European […]

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20 November 2020 ~ 4 Comments

Isolationism vs Globalism in the US (First part)

By Carlos Alberto Montaner It is nothing new. A high percentage of American society has invariably been in favor of isolationism. Perhaps that is what George Washington, the first president of the United States, defended when he said in his long letter of farewell from power, written on September 17, 1796 in Philadelphia, where the […]

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14 November 2020 ~ 7 Comments

The hour of the adults

By Carlos Alberto Montaner “It takes half an hour of conversation with the average man to begin to doubt common sense.” I don’t know if Churchill said it, but he surely thought of it. “People,” even educated people, believe in the “afterlife,” in “paranormal” phenomena, that Soros is behind all the vile things in the […]

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08 November 2020 ~ 11 Comments

Trump lost the election

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Joe Biden has won the election. Or, rather, Trump has lost it since the election was a plebiscite on him. Biden has won the popular vote by more than four million votes and the electoral college by more than 270 votes, the magic figure that opens the doors of the White […]

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02 November 2020 ~ 27 Comments

A Former Ambassador’s Choice

                                                                                                          By Lino Gutiérrez* On April 15, 1961, I awoke to the sound of gunfire.  My mother immediately came into my room and told me to get under the bed.  It was the beginning of the Bay of Pigs operation in Cuba, when planes piloted by Cuban exiles bombed the Castro government’s air force base […]

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