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31 July 2020 ~ 4 Comments

Medicines and dreams

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Why are medicines so expensive in the United States? The short answer has to do with research and development costs. What follows is the long one, crowned with a delightful story. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is more expensive than the cost of a spoiled child studying abroad. Its usefulness […]

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24 July 2020 ~ 13 Comments

Trump, Biden and the damned coronavirus

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I don’t have the slightest idea on how the pandemic of a century ago influenced the 1920 elections. More than half a million Americans died while the country had a third of the population that the census shows today. Face masks and “social distancing” were almost the only medicine available. It […]

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18 July 2020 ~ 16 Comments

A new liberal party in Argentina

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Liberty and progress (L&P) is a foundation dedicated to the economic education of Argentines. It is a very difficult task, not because of what they ignore, but because of what they think they know after eighty years of Peronism, today transformed into a false Keynesianism. The director of the foundation is […]

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13 July 2020 ~ 237 Comments

Letter to the commissioners – By Manuel Castro Rodríguez

By Manuel Castro Rodríguez “A man who obeys a bad government, without working to make that government good, is not an honest man.” José Martí Dear Commissioners, First of all, receive my most respectful greeting. The rest of my life I will be grateful to the U. S. because it has saved my life literally speaking. […]

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03 July 2020 ~ 1 Comment

Biden, Trump and the 2020 elections

By Carlos Alberto Montaner On Tuesday, November 3, 2020 there will be 12 key elections in the United States. Not 1 or 50, but 12. Those are the “swing states.” As the elections, according to the Constitution, are decided in the Electoral College and not in the ballot boxes, vote by vote, it is according to […]

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20 June 2020 ~ 14 Comments

The “official” truth is useless

By Carlos Alberto Montaner There is no point in reviewing history. In these times of demolished statues and far-fetched anger it is worth reviewing what is happening in Spain. I came to Spain in 1970 to do a doctorate, with my wife and my two children. I was psychologically prepared to meet a wounded and […]

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12 June 2020 ~ 8 Comments

Why Cuba and Venezuela should matter to us

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Néstor T. Carbonell, former VP of Pepsi Cola for many years, has published an extraordinary book on the Island: Why Cuba Matters. In the book he reviews the stormy relationships between Fidel Castro and the twelve tenants who have been in the White House. From the first, Ike Eisenhower, to Donald […]

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06 June 2020 ~ 28 Comments

Trump and the riots

By Carlos Alberto Montaner When it rains, it pours. George F. Will turned his guns on Donald Trump. This happened amid riots over the death of George Floyd, the coronavirus pandemic, and the sudden and astronomical number of unemployed people. Will even asked that the Republican senators be punished electorally by eliminating their control of […]

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05 June 2020 ~ 17 Comments

Racism, decorum and dictatorship

Por Manuel Castro-Rodríguez When there are many men without decorum, there are always others who themselves possess the decorum of many men. These are the ones who rebel with terrible strength against those who rob nations of their liberty, which is to rob men of their decorum.” José Martí. Most of us in the West […]

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29 May 2020 ~ 23 Comments


By Carlos Alberto Montaner Fauda means “chaos” in Hebrew and Arabic. It is the name of a magnificent Netflix series. The best way to pass the time under this damn confinement caused by Covid-19, aka “the Old People Killer”, is to watch a television series. I have done it in this endless quarantine.  I loved it. […]

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