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29 July 2022 ~ 0 Comments

The New Republicanism and “Affective Polarization”

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Is the Republican Party headed toward insignificance? The Economist magazine underlines the non-reformist character of a significant percentage of current Republicans and concludes that it is very dangerous. The article was sent to me by Santiago Morales, who was very worried. Santiago was sent by the CIA to Cuba at 18 years old […]

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22 July 2022 ~ 3 Comments

“Give Him Death”

By Carlos Alberto Montaner It has been 10 years since Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero were assassinated in Cuba. It was July 22, 2012. We’ll get to that later. Ángel Carromero, a Spaniard, and Aron Modig, a Swede, were, more or less, witnesses to the murder. Carromero was a delegate of Nuevas Generaciones (New Generations,) […]

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17 July 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Why the Petro Experiment in Colombia Will Go Wrong

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Petro’s experiment in Colombia will go terribly wrong. Mario Vargas Llosa has said it clearly. Colombians voted wrong. Also the Peruvians, and the Argentines and the Mexicans. Voting for the worst option is within everyone’s reach. Mario is an excellent writer, winner of the Nobel Prize in 2010, but he is […]

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10 July 2022 ~ 1 Comment

The Universe of the Gessen

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I met the Gessens, a married couple who are both psychologists, as liberals – in the European sense of the term – and I saw them again as ambassadors of Venezuela in Canada, during the second government of Carlos Andrés Pérez. I remember that Vladimir Gessen never ceased to be useful […]

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03 July 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Trump to Jail?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The question everyone is asking is whether Donald Trump will be prosecuted or not. Supporters of the former president believe that “Democrats are so vile and heartless that they are willing to put a former Republican president in jail after falsely blaming him for some crime.” The adversaries assume that, after […]

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25 June 2022 ~ 1 Comment

Petro’s Dilemma

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Everything was very civilized. Very Colombian. Very polite. President Iván Duque, whom history will acquit because he has not put a peso in his pocket, called him, congratulated him and offered to meet with him. Álvaro Uribe said something that honors him. It was his first reaction to Petro’s victory on […]

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18 June 2022 ~ 0 Comments

The King of Lies

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Donald Trump has tried to sell me golf balls signed by himself, books, hats, photos and countless other things. I have never answered him. It must be an extraordinary business. They multiply the costs by 10 or 15. Some joker included me among his supporters months ago, and since then, they […]

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12 June 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Laugh Now, Cry Later

By Carlos Alberto Montaner  The Ninth Summit of the Americas has ended. The biggest controversy aroused was the (fulfilled) threat by Andrés Manuel López Obrador not to attend… if the three remaining – although ruined – Latin American dictatorships, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, were not invited. They were not, and the Patron Saint of tyrannies […]

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05 June 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Cuba and the Ninth Summit of the Americas

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The Ninth Summit of the Americas will be in Los Angeles starting on the 6th, but the 8th is when the presidents will arrive. AMLO has become the Patron Saint of dictatorships – Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. He has threatened not to go to the California meeting if the three dictatorships […]

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28 May 2022 ~ 0 Comments

The Colombian Crossroads

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I read in a research on Colombia that poverty and lack of opportunities increase Gustavo Petro’s chances among young people. Colombians must be told that there is no possible redemption along the path chosen by Petro, except to emigrate, as six million Venezuelans, two million Cubans and one million Nicaraguans have […]

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