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11 March 2017 ~ 0 Comments

The Ecuadoreans are gambling with their freedom

By Carlos Alberto Montaner They are five: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador. That’s the main nucleus of the 21st-Century Socialism countries. They have different economic structures and their governments manage the productive apparatus in diverse ways, but their rulers coincide on an essential aspect: they attained power so they could keep it permanently. Alternation […]

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25 February 2017 ~ 1 Comment

Rafael Correa and the populist syndrome

By Carlos Alberto Montaner On May 24, Rafael Correa will leave the presidency of Ecuador. Not long now. Don’t despair. I understand; the wait has been long and painful. He has spent a decade in power. On that day, whoever wins the April 2 runoff will take over government. If the opposition democrats remain united, […]

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20 February 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Palestine and the inevitability of two states

By Carlos Alberto Montaner President Donald Trump does well in backing Israel, but he shouldn’t dismiss the idea of the creation of a Palestinian state. Washington’s support has increased with each administration in the White House. That is morally just and politically convenient. After all, the Jewish state is the only existing democracy in that […]

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28 January 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Europe is terrified

By Carlos Alberto Montaner MADRID —  Europe is terrified by Donald Trump’s triumph. She fears the vision of the American friend, the primus inter pares. That fact has just been revealed by a macrosurvey by the French pollster Ipsos, which conducted it in 24 nations through interviews with 18,000 people. Ipsos is the largest European […]

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21 January 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Donald Trump in the White House

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Donald Trump stepped up, and not on the right foot. In the 20th and 21st centuries, no United States chief of state has taken over with less popular support. Only 40 percent of surveyed Americans say that they’re satisfied. The three latest presidents — Clinton, Bush and Obama — each exceeded […]

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27 December 2016 ~ 4 Comments

Seven grave errors in Obama’s policy toward Israel

By Carlos Alberto Montaner President Barack Obama made the mistake of ordering that the United States abstain from the latest U.N. vote on the resolution condemning the building of new Jewish settlements in the West Bank territory controlled by Israel. Not to support the State of Israel is a grave error, because of these seven […]

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24 December 2016 ~ 9 Comments

The Second Cold War

by Carlos Alberto Montaner Exactly one quarter of a century ago, the Soviet Union disappeared. The hecatomb occurred on Dec. 25, 1991, the direct consequence of the prior (and failed) coup in August of that year. Vladimir Putin believes that it was the worst disaster that has happened to his country, but at the time […]

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18 December 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Trump, China and the Thucydides Trap

By Carlos Alberto Montaner It seems to me fine that President-elect Donald Trump answered the phone call from Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan. Politeness and prudence are not mutually exclusive. Tsai is an educated and intelligent woman. The island of Taiwan is, after all, an ally of Washington’s, with which it shares very strong historical […]

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10 December 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Raúl Castro at the crossroads

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Raúl Castro is on his own. Gone is his mentor, his paternal figure, the man who molded his life and led him at gunpoint — literally — from insignificance to the nation’s leadership. But he did so brusquely, reminding him every so often that he despised him for his intellectual limitations. […]

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03 December 2016 ~ 3 Comments

Questions after burying Fidel Castro

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Almost no one knows how his final hours passed. Did he die suddenly of a cardiac arrest, did he agonize for several days, or did he suffocate because a throat obstruction, as rumors circulate sotto voce in Havana ? Why the hurry to cremate him? Was it that they didn’t want […]

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