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Donald Trump’s convention

by Carlos Alberto Montaner

donald-trumpJudging from the noise of the press, there were three major highlights at the Republican convention that just ended in Cleveland.

The first was the unnecessary cribbing of a couple of paragraphs from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama into the text of Mrs. Melania Trump’s speech by a careless and dishonest writer. That’s not right. It totally weakened the impact of Mrs. Trump’s words and her lovely presence. Today, all that’s remembered about her speech is that plagiarism was committed.

The second was the speech by Republican senator Ted Cruz. It began with applause and ended with booing. He did not ask his audience to vote for Trump and simply asked that his listeners vote their conscience. Somehow, Cruz was consistent with his own beliefs. He couldn’t ask others to do what he wasn’t willing to do. He will not vote for Trump or Hillary. He will probably vote for Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, the Libertarian Party candidate.

The third was the long-awaited speech by Donald Trump. The question was whether he would assume a serene and inclusive presidential demeanor or if he would remain the fiery candidate who defeated 16 adversaries in the primaries with a harsh barricade language that was caustic and effective. The answer came soon enough. He continued to be the same Donald Trump and his listeners liked that. Seventy-five percent of them said that his speech was superb or good. Twenty-four percent said they were disappointed.

The speech lasted one hour 15 minutes — the longest in history for this type of event — but he read it firmly and controlled the auditorium. Boring he was not. He was watched and heard by 10 percent of the U.S. population, most of whom were presumably Republican voters.

In a politically apathetic society, especially tired after the long primary process, where only 52 percent of the electorate votes in the presidential elections, 20-some million television viewers are a remarkable audience. It is true that the Super Bowl is watched by more than 100 million people, but that happens everywhere; sports thrill and politics repel.

What did Trump say? In essence, he drew a very dark picture of U.S. reality.

Roads and bridges are in disrepair. Crime is on the rise. Undocumented immigrants commit horrendous crimes. The forces of order are under siege. We (Trumpists) are the party of law and order, a fact confirmed by the intimidating presence of Sheriff Arpaio. Our trade partners swindle us. The other nations steal our jobs. China plunders us. International trade accords harm us severely. Our adversaries mock us. Our military allies do not contribute the quotas they should. We can eliminate the Islamic Caliphate quickly but we haven’t done it. And, naturally, Obama is responsible for this state of affairs. Hillary would prolong this sad situation if she won. It would be more of the same. Her tenure in the State Department was disastrous. She worsened all the problems in the Middle East.

Trump agrees with the paranoid vision of a substantial segment of the country. Sixty-seven percent of Americans believe that the United States is on the wrong path. However, when asked if they are faring worse, most of them say no; it’s the others who suffer. It’s a question of perceptions, not statistics. The Apocalypse is never out of style; it has many fans.

What did Trump promise? Obvious: put an end to all these ills once he’s installed in the White House. He will rebuild the crumbling infrastructure. He will bar illegal immigrants from this country. He will destroy the ISIS assassins. He will rewrite the Free Trade Agreements. He will demand that America’s international partners invest more in their own defense. He will straighten the trade balance, will put the Chinese in their place. He will impose fewer taxes and force American companies to return to the United States.

Of course, he didn’t say how he will carry out these wonders. His will be the definitive war on evil. Armageddon is never out of style, either. It also has numerous sympathizers.

Actually, there’s nothing very new in these focuses. Isolationism in foreign policy, economic protectionism, the condemnation of globalization, multilingualism and multiculturalism, the suspicions against immigrants and ultranationalism are frequent and primary pulses in almost every nation. There’s a reason why many Hispanics, Afro-Americans and other minorities felt endangered.

We find these trends, in different proportions, in 45 European parties to the right and left of the political spectrum. (The European Council on Foreign Relations classifies them and calls them “insurgent parties.”) Some statements by Trump could be echoed by Marine Le Pen or Vladimir Putin. Sometimes they say them with the same passion. Let’s see what Hillary Clinton has for us next week. It’s the Democrats’ turn to respond.

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  1. Alejandro Collazo 23 July 2016 at 2:08 pm Permalink

    Sr. Montaner, soy un admirador de su analisis politico y de su obra de ficcion, he apreciado mucho su valoracion de los intelectuales de izquierda en uno de sus videos. Pero ahora cuando se refiere a l discurso de Trump veo su inclinacion hacia Hillary, espero pueda ser critic tambien con la “torcida”.

  2. Sam Ramos 25 July 2016 at 9:45 am Permalink

    The #1 way we can stop terror attacks from spreading in the US


  3. Sam Ramos 25 July 2016 at 10:19 am Permalink

    La Media Liberal criticó a Trump-oloco porque su discurso de aceptacion fue muy largo. Como de costumbre cuando no hayan formas de contradecir el mensaje se ataca al mensajero.

    Lei ayer en el ABC de España que en Iran se destruyeron miles de antenas parabaolicas para evitar que la poblacion reciba noticias del exterior y eso me hizo recordar que eso mismo se hace en Cuba y me vino a la mente la frase de la Momia Rueda-andante cuando dijo: “nos casaron con la mentira y nos han obligado a vivir con ella”. Eso lo dijo en 1959.
    Si quieren, tienen el tiempo y no les produce malestar cosa que dudo, a continuacion les pongo el enlace para que lean las toneladas de cosas que dijo y que se han desmentido al 100%:




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