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Jorge Castañeda and Carlos Alberto Montaner
to join the CNN en Español’s Political Team

Montaner y Castañeda

CNN en Español announces the appointment of Jorge Castañeda and Carlos Alberto Montaneras collaborators to join the team of political journalist’s as the network continues to expand its professional team.

Castañeda and Montaner complement each other with their extensive expertise in politics and journalism respectively, guaranteeing compelling insights and deep understanding of the diversity in Latin American and United States politics.

Jorge Castañeda served as México’s Foreign Secretary from 2000 to 2003 and was also a college professor for more than 25 years. Combining his passion for politics and journalism, Castañeda has written multiple columns for the Mexican daily Reforma, the Spanish newspaper El País and TIME magazine, among others. In addition, he has published over 15 books through out Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

Carlos Alberto Montaner has written over 25 books and numerous columns invarious newspapers in Latin America, Spain,and the United States for more than 40 years. His columns often address cultural and political issues related to international conflicts. He is a frequent lecturer for academia where he has received numerous awards and honorary mentions. In addition, he was named one of the most influential columnists of the Spanish language by Poder magazine estimating that he reaches over six million readers each week.

"I welcome these two professionals with their extensive experience to the CNN en Español network. I am certain that their views on Latin American and United States politics will continue to enrich our programming. Castañeda and Montaner provide a unique perspective with different angles ranging from liberal to conservative depending on the topic in discussion," said Eduardo Suarez,Vice President of Programming for CNN en Español.

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to join the CNN en Español’s Political Team”

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    Por favor…, ¿Sabe álguien el día de la semana, la hora, el nombre del programa del Sr. Montaner y el Sr. Castañeda? nunca he sido de ver programas en este canal y tengo mucho interés de no perderme este….

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