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Montaner urges caution over business opportunities in Cuba

Carlos Alberto Montaner

(Liberal International) The Honorary President of the Unión Liberal Cubana (ULC – LI full member) and one of Latin America’s most prominent liberals, Carlos Alberto Montaner, has warned foreign investors of the risks associated with new business opportunities in his native Cuba, amidst the country’s receding international isolation.

“The government of Raúl Castro clearly does not want regime change but seeks to improve the communist model initiated in 1959,” Montaner says, restraining international enthusiasm that the country’s business and human rights records will improve now that relations with the USA are improving.

“According to published statements, the intended prototype [of governance] is neither Chinese nor Vietnamese but Military State Capitalism where the government reserves for itself the control over the nation’s 2,500 largest businesses. The Cuban people will have no access to the means of production but only to small service enterprises” he adds.

Montaner is similarly sceptical about any positive consequences for ordinary Cubans: “Wages are critically low (about $24 a month), which determines the practical inexistence of a potential market of 11 million consumers. Cubans have the lowest purchasing power per capita in all of Latin America.”

The 59th Congress of Liberal International welcomed “the small steps undertaken by the Cuban regime to open the economy and the freedom of travel. At the same time, Liberal International warns that while there is an impression that the conditions are improving, the communist regime holds the Cuban citizens far from freedom, democracy and private property. (…)All trade negotiations with the regime must include discussions and demands for political freedom and respect for human rights.” Earlier this summer Miguel Sales Figueroa assumed the presidency of the ULC.

Liberal International has long supported the advancement of liberty, justice and basic freedoms in Cuba, speaking out at the United Nations Human Rights Council and in meetings with prominent Cuban activists.

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  1. viadogui 24 August 2015 at 4:14 pm Permalink

    por fis publicalo en espanol, tienes muchas gentes que te siguen en Espanol

  2. Nodal 25 August 2015 at 9:49 am Permalink

    Mis saludos para usted Dr. Montaner.
    Oportuna y objetiva alerta , personalmente coincido en la manera perspectiva del manejo de la economía cubana , total control militar , y en lo que respecta a las mejorías del cubano de a pie , pues como le comente en el evento ” Educador del Año ” NACAE , sino le envio dinero mensual a mis padres difícilmente pudieran susistir , dinámica que se mantendrá indefinidamente , dado a la improductivad ( falta de motivación , limitadas oportunidades privadas ) , insuficiente eficiencia y eficacia.
    Muchas gracias.

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