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Carlos Alberto Montaner nació en La Habana, Cuba, en 1943. Reside en Madrid desde 1970. Ha sido profesor universitario en diversas instituciones de América Latina y Estados Unidos. Es escritor y periodista. Varias decenas de diarios de América Latina, España y Estados Unidos recogen desde hace más de treinta años su columna semanal.

23 April 2022 ~ 1 Comentario

Who is Winning the War in Ukraine?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

The quick answer is Ukraine, as Faared Zacaria and Thomas Friedman cleverly said, each on their own. But it’s winning at the cost of the demolition of a few cities, which makes reconciliation between the two countries impossible until several generations have passed.

There are at least five reasons to suppose that Ukraine is “winning.”

First, the Russian narrative has failed miserably. Alleging that it was a matter of de-nazifying the “small” neighboring country comes up against the fact that Volodymyr Zelensky, elected president of Ukraine by an overwhelming majority, is Jewish. One of his grandparents was burned alive with his village by the SS during World War II.

There is, indeed, a military unit in Donbas that sympathizes with ultranationalism, and that unit has symbols that resemble those displayed by the Nazis, but this fact does not deny the hundreds of units of the army forged to defend democracy. As an old journalist claimed, the French Resistance during World War II included people of all ideological stripes. There would be time to resolve these differences through democratic procedures. The first thing was to defeat the Nazis. Today, the first thing is to defeat the Russians.


23 April 2022 ~ 6 Comentarios

¿Quién está ganando la guerra de Ucrania?

Por Carlos Alberto Montaner

La respuesta rápida es Ucrania, como inteligentemente dijeron, cada uno por su cuenta, Fareed Zacaria, Thomas Friedman y Francis Fukuyana. Pero a costa de la demolición de unas cuantas ciudades, lo que hace imposible la reconciliación entre los dos países, hasta que transcurran varias generaciones.

Hay, al menos, cinco razones para suponer que Ucrania está “ganando”:

Primero, la narrativa rusa ha fracasado estrepitosamente. Alegar que se trataba de desnazificar al “pequeño” país vecino, se da de bruces con el hecho de que Volodymyr Zelensky, elegido presidente de Ucrania por una abrumadora mayoría, es judío. Uno de sus abuelos fue quemado vivo junto a su aldea por las SS durante la Segunda Guerra mundial.


21 April 2022 ~ 1 Comentario

¿Cuba en la mirilla de USA?

19 April 2022 ~ 5 Comentarios

Fico Gutiérrez ganará en Colombia

17 April 2022 ~ 0 Comentarios

Why U.S. demands freedom of the more than a thousand political prisoners

Only oppressors must fear the full exercise of freedoms”

José Martí

By Manuel Castro Rodriguez

Mariela Castro (marielac@infomed.sld.cu), daughter of Cuban dictator Raúl Castroas you know, in Cuba, where not a single free election has been allowed in seventy years, the regime recently sentenced 128 Cubans who participated in peaceful protests last year to prison terms ranging from 4 to 30 years.

Your father tries to silence dissent with a program of mass incarceration. Mariela Castro, the U.S. demands freedom of 128 Cubans that are political prisoners:


16 April 2022 ~ 1 Comentario

The Third Generation

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

The one to blame is the third generation. “Industrious father. Millionaire son. Spendthrift grandson,” Álvaro sentenced. It was a conversation among four people in which there was almost total agreement. Peruvian Álvaro Vargas Llosa, Argentine economist Gerardo Bongiovanni, Cuban Linda Montaner – my wife – and this unfortunate scribbler.

In Spain, in Chile, in Peru, apparently the same or something very similar had happened. The mystery must have some explanation. The three countries have suffered a great deal to achieve democracy and a certain relative prosperity, but all three have opened the door to the most delusional left. Let’s start with Spain.



16 April 2022 ~ 3 Comentarios

La tercera generación

Por Carlos Alberto Montaner

La culpable es la tercera generación. “Padre laborioso. Hijo millonario. Nieto botarate”. Sentenció Álvaro. Fue una conversación a cuatro voces en la que hubo un acuerdo casi total. El peruano Álvaro Vargas Llosa, el economista argentino Gerardo Bongiovanni, la cubana Linda Montaner -mi mujer-, y este desdichado escribidor.

En España, en Chile, en Perú, aparentemente había sucedido lo mismo o algo muy parecido. Alguna explicación tendrá el misterio. Los tres países han sufrido mucho en conseguir transitar a la democracia y cierta prosperidad relativa, pero los tres le han abierto la puerta a la izquierda más delirante. Comencemos por España.



14 April 2022 ~ 0 Comentarios

¿Cómo terminará la invasión rusa a Ucrania? La clave está en los oligarcas

12 April 2022 ~ 3 Comentarios

Las elecciones en Francia: Macron contra Le Pen

09 April 2022 ~ 1 Comentario

Zelensky’s Tour

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

Volodymyr Zelensky has made the rounds of NATO parliaments. One of the first virtual visits was, of course, to the “American friend”. He used a video and talked about Pearl Harbor, that vile surprise attack against an American naval base. All people in the US know that the “day of infamy” happened when Japan tried to destroy the American fleet anchored in Hawaii without a previous declaration of war. In Ukraine the targets have been civilians. The aggressors have been much worse, more treacherous and devious. They chose to destroy the spirit of resistance of the Ukrainians. Fortunately, they have not succeeded. Putin has achieved the opposite, to reaffirm Ukraine’s nationalism.

In the UK Zelensky referred to Winston Churchill’s stirring speech to the British Parliament in 1940 about never giving in to the Nazis (or anyone else). In France he went back to the revolution of 1789, when the French adopted the three-headed motto: liberty, equality and fraternity. At the Vatican, he asked the Pope to pray for the Ukrainian people and intercede with Putin to stop the aggression. Naturally, he invited the Pope to visit his country as soon as possible. In Italy he reiterated his request for more financial sanctions and more weapons. Zelensky’s argument is irrefutable – Ukraine is the proving ground. If the free Europeans are not able to stop the aggression, Russia will go on conquering countries.