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Sweden and Finland will join NATO

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the sensational news. On Wednesday 11, he traveled to Sweden and Finland and signed mutual support agreements with both countries. That support includes war, in which the British are great experts.

The ‘all for one and one for all’ works again as in the books of The Three Musketeers. Russia is not mentioned, but it is evident that, in the minds of all well-informed people, there is the news that these two countries wanted to join NATO, but Russia came out with the insanity of considering the request to join the defense organization as a casus belli.

Moscow could have chosen, for example, to congratulate itself because “both nations were rejecting the temptation to build nuclear weapons,” for which they had the necessary talent and money. Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin preferred to resort to the threat, not realizing that he couldn’t achieve anything, and had to settle for depriving Europe of Russian gas, which is like shooting oneself in the foot.

The UK has about 300 nuclear bombs, enough to totally destroy Moscow, Saint Petersburg and every city with more than 50,000 inhabitants. Almost all of Britain’s atomic weapons are on the move aboard submarines and long-range aircraft, so it is impossible to destroy them “preemptively.” The same thing happens with the French “force de frappe.” The deterrence force created by Charles de Gaulle has hidden silos and can launch nuclear weapons from submarines and Dassault Mirage IV aircraft. It has, like the British, about 300 nuclear warheads. The collaboration of the United States with the United Kingdom and with France and Israel is taken for granted, although it is not directly mentioned.

I don’t think Putin is crazy, but he is going through a losing streak. It was one thing to confront the Georgians or the Chechens in the vast, remote and dark neighborhood of the Caucasus, and quite another to invade Ukraine in Central Europe, with lights and stenographers, so that almost all human rights violations (including the rape of women and girls) have been recorded, as well as almost every crime committed by an army in which such behavior was encouraged, including theft of grain and farm machinery. In these days, precisely, the first trial of a Russian soldier accused of “war crimes” will take place. He will be tried by a Ukrainian court and is accused of murdering civilians in the town of Chupakhivka, east of Kyiv. There are 10,000 victims waiting for justice to be done.

Putin’s World by Angela Stent is worth reading. It contains all the clues to this gentleman’s background. He no longer thinks of incorporating the other nations into the class struggle – he has understood that Marxism has utterly failed – but he believes that Russia has an exceptional character, due to its enormous size, its geographic position (it is the only Eurasian country besides Turkey) and its history. However, he really believes that NATO is the enemy he must defeat and against which he has unleashed the Ukrainian carnage, just as he put an end to the Chechen and Georgian rebellion earlier. He fears the “offensive” character of a strange league of nations, led by the United States, which exists solely because of its anti-Russian nature.

Vladimir Putin must be reminded that only twice, in its more than seventy years of existence, has NATO gone on the offensive. First, to prevent the Serbs from continuing to kill Muslims in an “ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia-Herzegovina, because no one was putting order in that madhouse. (Thus concluded the artificial creation of Yugoslavia, achieved by the juggling games of Marshal Tito, great puppeteer of that monstrosity). And second, in the case of Libya, when NATO was dragged by Jacques Chirac’s France to depose Muammar Gaddafi in October 2011. In both cases they had the support of the Arab emirates, especially Qatar.

It is very important that Putin – no matter how long he remains in power – understands that the largest country in the world (twice the size of Canada, which is the second largest) should not and cannot interrupt other countries’ requests to become members of NATO. It is an expression of sovereignty that Moscow must respect.

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