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The totalitarian left and the ‘escraches’

by Carlos Alberto Montaner

UribeMedalla1 César Nombela, the President of the Menéndez and Pelayo International University in Santander, Spain, is a prestigious researcher in the field of microbiology. Dr. Nombela and the governing council had the reasonable idea to award former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe the institution’s Medal of Honor, as they had formerly done with other Western democratic politicians. At once, the totalitarian left — a sworn enemy of Uribe’s — staged a protest.

Faced with an orchestrated scandal and alarmed by it, the institution’s authorities decided to postpone the presentation of the award and “broaden the consultations.” Uribe, who had not asked for the unexpected medal, asked that the presentation be canceled and bade the Dean to sponsor a good debate about the situation in Colombia. A person who his enemies have tried to assassinate 15 times is more interested in substance than in vanity.

This is a perfect example of the growing climate of intolerance cultivated in Spain by the totalitarian left. In 2010, then-professor Pablo Iglesias organized an “escrache” at Madrid’s Complutense University to keep Deputy Rosa Díez, an avowed and tolerant social-democrat, to present her ideas. “Escrache” is a sinister lexicographic contribution from Argentina, apparently of Occitan origin, that describes violent acts aimed at silencing an ideological foe.

A few weeks ago, it was the turn of psychology professor Haim Eshach of Israel’s Ben Gurion University. His topic was very important. He had been invited by Madrid’s Autonomous University to explain how his country teaches science and technology to very young children, which may explain, at least partially, why that tiny Middle East nation with one-fifth the population of Spain generates every year 40 times the number of patents and scientific findings that Spain does.

He was unable to speak. The totalitarian left, which usually is pro-Palestinian — that’s one of its most visible forms of identity — whose strings and finances are (according to the Mossad) partly pulled by Hezbollah and Hamas, silenced him as part of an obscene anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic campaign called the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), created in 2005, whose strategy is to isolate Israel and provoke its disintegration.

The Palestinian argument to try to demonstrate that the BDS Movement is anti-Israeli but not anti-Semitic is that it’s supported by a few Israeli organizations and some Jews in the academic world, such as linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky.

That much is true, but it is a proposition as absurd as trying to justify Nazism because (according to historian César Vidal) the Jew Hans Sander was decorated by the Nazi Party at a time when three generals in Hitler’s army — Helmuth Wilberg and brothers Johannes and Karl Zukertort — were Jews.

We live in a shameful era of “escraches,” extortion and attacks on freedom of expression. In Cuba, the “acts of repudiation” began in 1960 and continue to be staged 56 years later. The political police recruits young students and some Communist Party hotheads and takes them to churches so they can mistreat the Ladies in White or drives them in buses to the homes of democratic oppositionists so they can insult them and sometimes beat them up.

Ecuador has one of the West’s most restrictive press laws. Autocratic Rafael Correa is capable of ordering the arrest of a person for making a gesture of displeasure, of persecuting journalists for revealing uncomfortable truths, or of unleashing a virulent campaign against innocent persons, accusing them of being “CIA agents,” as has just happened to Dr. Karen Hollihan, the victim of a disinformation operation that’s typical of Correa’s intelligence services.

Will the totalitarian left manage to silence the democrats? I don’t think so, but, even if it did, Cervantes’ words would remain true: “Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that the heavens gave man. It cannot be equaled by the treasures found on land and sea. For freedom, as well as for honor, one can and must risk one’s life.”

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  1. joseluis 10 July 2016 at 12:27 am Permalink

    Creo que Uribe es un hombre valiente, porque para enfrentarse a la bajeza, comprando jueces corruptos en Colombia para que lo encausen, tiene que ser valiente e inteligente para salir ileso de la bajezas castro-chavismo.

  2. joseluis 10 July 2016 at 12:29 am Permalink

    Creo que Uribe es un hombre valiente, porque para enfrentarse a la bajeza, comprando jueces corruptos en Colombia para que lo encausen, tiene que ser valiente e inteligente para salir ileso de las bajezas de castro-chavismo.

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