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Zelensky’s Tour

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

Volodymyr Zelensky has made the rounds of NATO parliaments. One of the first virtual visits was, of course, to the “American friend”. He used a video and talked about Pearl Harbor, that vile surprise attack against an American naval base. All people in the US know that the “day of infamy” happened when Japan tried to destroy the American fleet anchored in Hawaii without a previous declaration of war. In Ukraine the targets have been civilians. The aggressors have been much worse, more treacherous and devious. They chose to destroy the spirit of resistance of the Ukrainians. Fortunately, they have not succeeded. Putin has achieved the opposite, to reaffirm Ukraine’s nationalism.

In the UK Zelensky referred to Winston Churchill’s stirring speech to the British Parliament in 1940 about never giving in to the Nazis (or anyone else). In France he went back to the revolution of 1789, when the French adopted the three-headed motto: liberty, equality and fraternity. At the Vatican, he asked the Pope to pray for the Ukrainian people and intercede with Putin to stop the aggression. Naturally, he invited the Pope to visit his country as soon as possible. In Italy he reiterated his request for more financial sanctions and more weapons. Zelensky’s argument is irrefutable – Ukraine is the proving ground. If the free Europeans are not able to stop the aggression, Russia will go on conquering countries.

In Spain Zelensky had his first setback, albeit a small one. Until arriving at the Spanish Parliament, he had followed the first rule of asking wisely – always ask for something that they can give you, and use obvious supporting arguments. He did not take into account that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had used the invasion of Ukraine by Russia to separate himself, in fact, from the evil influence of “Unidas Podemos” on a very sensitive issue, especially for those who receive payments from RT (the Russian state television), as Pablo Iglesias –who was, until a few weeks ago, vice president of the coalition government – allegedly does.

Zelensky began by establishing a spiritual link, without mentioning it, between Franco’s followers and the aggressors. The city of Guernika, a town of 5,000 inhabitants in the Basque country, was attacked and devastated by German aviation in 1937, then Franco’s allies during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), together with the volunteer troops of the Italian army and the “Moorish guard,” recruited in Morocco, who had entered Spain with Franco in 1936. Obviously, the president of Ukraine didn’t know in what mess he had got himself into.

The first to protest were those of Vox, led by Santiago Abascal. According to them, it was a better example to mention the detainees in the “Paracuellos del Jarama” prison, when, in November 1936, four months into the Civil War, several thousand men were shot by the communists and socialists in the power. Santiago Carrillo and Segundo Serrano Poncela, a fine essayist, are blamed for what happened in those weeks. Carrillo defended himself by saying that he never ordered anyone to be shot.

Unfortunately for Zelensky, the image that remains of that Civil War was painted by Picasso and is called, precisely, Guernika, the most famous painting by the most famous painter of the 20th century. It was supposed to feature prominently in the Spanish pavilion (it was painted to order). It is a cubist painting in black, white and shades of grey, which reveals its author’s position against all wars. Its size is heroic – 3.50 meters (11.5 feet) high by 7.80 meters (25.5 feet) long. Pablo Picasso said, “No, the painting is not made to decorate rooms. It is an offensive and defensive instrument of war against the enemy.”

The president of Ukraine is his compatriots’ best face. Quite an asset. Especially if he is compared to his greatest rival, the almighty Mr. Vladimir Putin, an essentially unpleasant person, a bully, a thug, even disgusting, if we consider the latest news of the Russian army’s behavior.

A young mother was raped in front of her four children. She had a gun pointed at her head. The message was very clear: you are a “thing.” You are trash. Today we use you to deposit our semen. Tomorrow we can kill you. The girl does nothing but cry. During World War II more than two million German women were raped by the USSR Army. Cases between the ages of 6 and 75 are documented. The girl died of venereal diseases. Fortunately, a great British historian, Antony Beevor, published Berlin The Downfall: 1945 in 2005. Soldiers were encouraged by Yevstuchenko’s poems and total impunity. “Kill, soldier, kill, and show the haughty German women where the power lies.” No wonder Germans preferred to surrender to the British and the Americans.

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