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02 May 2021 ~ 1 Comment

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor Who Was Not a Model

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Angela Merkel has the best academic mind in the global political universe. She holds a PhD in Quantum Physics from the University of Leipzig. She graduated with a thesis called “Influence of the spatial correlation of the biomolecular reaction rate of elemental reactions in dense media.” Faced with that title, I […]

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23 April 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Will Peruvians commit suicide?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner The two national polls carried out in Peru show Pedro Castillo as the winner against Keiko Fujimori. The most recent one gives him an advantage of 16 points. It is true that the election, which will be held on June 6, is still a month and a half away, and that […]

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16 April 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Will Puerto Rico status be finally determined?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I knew firsthand the beauty of the “Island of Enchantment” and the kindness of its people. More than half a century ago I went to teach in Puerto Rico. I lived there for four years and there we had a son. The island’s governor was Roberto Sánchez Vilella. I believed Luis […]

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09 April 2021 ~ 0 Comments

“It’s Over.” How Do Collectivist Regimes End?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner “Patria y Vida” (Homeland and Life) is a protest song created in Cuba. The chorus assures that the regime is “over,” but it doesn’t say how. It is a tribute to the popular San Isidro Movement, formed by artists and musicians, that emerged in a poor neighborhood in Havana. It has […]

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02 April 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Vaccines and other wonderful remedies

By Carlos Alberto Montaner In the USA there is nothing more expensive than health care. I know a Spaniard who, one January 1st, noticed that his nail infection could not be cured using home remedies. It was the usual: swelling and painful throbbing. He had the terrible and unsanitary habit of biting his nails when […]

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28 March 2021 ~ 0 Comments

How do we get rid of Daniel Ortega?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I repeat the question: how do we get rid of Daniel Ortega? Perhaps it is simpler than it seems–putting against him the different liberal and conservative groups in the country, previously unified. The same way as in 1990, when Mrs. Violeta Chamorro was used as a banner. Confronting Daniel with the […]

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21 March 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Trump and the German Ultras

By Carlos Alberto Montaner* I didn’t believe it when I read it. It looked like another “fake news.” The news story headline read: “200 German Ultras Try to Take Over the Reichstag.” It somehow remembered what had happened at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. It was almost a duplicate. But it was an […]

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05 March 2021 ~ 0 Comments


By Carlos Alberto Montaner The story begins in Miami. “Ramón” (splendidly interpreted by Gilberto Reyes), a former political prisoner who had suffered the cruelty of Castro jailers for being a plantado, a rebellious prisoner, thinks he has just seen one of his torturers. He follows him and confirms that it is the same person. The […]

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27 February 2021 ~ 2 Comments

The meaning of life

By Carlos Alberto Montaner Dedicated to Gustavo Coronel In 1950 Ray Bradbury published his Martian Chronicles. It was a book of stories that the author put together into a kind of novel about the colonization of Mars. It was a concession to finances. Short stories didn’t sell, but novels did. Most likely, it was read […]

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19 February 2021 ~ 5 Comments

Today as Yesterday

By Carlos Alberto Montaner I suspect that Lourdes gave the title to her husband’s memoirs, Dr. Antonio Guedes. They are titled Today as Yesterday, and it was the last song by Moisés Simons, the author of El Manisero. Lourdes is the musical part of the couple and the woman who took “Tony” away from celibacy. […]

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