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Cuban Liberal Union – Press release

Cuban Liberal Union
Press release

(Andorra, May 20th. 2017). At the closing session of its 70th-Anniversary Congress, held this week in Andorra, Liberal International (LI) has approved the following statement on Cuba, included in its World Today Resolution:

“Liberal International recalls that Cuba represents an ancient tyranny which has developed and grown during the Cold War. The only way to achieve a change on the island is to modify a wide range of difficult factors. Raúl Castro’s government, who controls the army and the communist party with an iron grip, makes it nearly impossible with continuous ownership of 95% of the economy and controls social and cultural life. The “reforms” are cosmetic and, with the exception of new migration rules, touch only marginal areas of daily life in the country. Congress urges the international community to be unequivocal in its call on Cuban authorities to implement needed reforms that enable a transition to democracy under the rule of law and a free society. These must include a full amnesty for all political prisoners, reform of the Constitution and Penal Code to adhere to international human rights standards, and a reasonable timeline to hold free and multiparty elections under international supervision.”

Cuban Liberal Union, a full member of LI since 1994 currently exercising one of its vice-presidencies, wants to express its support to this declaration, which underlines the importance of international solidarity in the pursuit of human rights and freedom for the people of Cuba.

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