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Joe Biden

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

Spanish former Premier Felipe González, a person highly respected nationally and internationally, affirmed with admiration that Joe Biden is a “social democrat”. He said it in the most visited talk show on Spanish television, “El Hormiguero”, directed by Pablo Motos, on Antena 3.

It is true, although with nuances. Generally, today the democrats, the voters and the elected, tend to resemble the social democracy. Many are in favor of extending Medicare to the entire population, and not only benefiting those over 65 with that insurance. Likewise, they believe that if society needs professionals, it is not reasonable to charge university students for their studies. They see it, as in most of Europe, as an investment and not as an expense. These are two debatable measures, but they have nothing to do with the establishment of a communist dictatorship.

Extending Medicare coverage to the entire population has advantages and disadvantages. The country invests roughly 20% of GDP in healthcare costs and it is not known exactly how much more it will have to contribute. In relation to university studies, more or less the same thing happens. The US has the 100 best universities on the planet and they regulate themselves. If the State decides what is going to be taught and how, prerogatives of the one who pays the bill, perhaps it will be counterproductive.

Educated Democrats are, as a general rule, also Keynesians. That is, they believe that public spending has the ability to modulate the economy. It can boost or slow economic growth at will. Something that is not so simple, given the tendency of society to turn any temporary measure into a permanent “social conquest,” aggravated by the wasteful way in which public spending is usually managed in every latitude.

The differences between the American Democrats and the European Social Democracy are found in their ideological origins. The US Democratic Party has little to do with Marxist chitchat. (In fact, it predates Marxism by several decades.) The Germans, on the other hand, shed the heavy burden of Karl Marx in 1959, while the Spanish did so 20 years later.

It is natural that Hispanics overwhelmingly support Joe Biden. Almost all ethnic minorities do. Also those with unorthodox sexual inclinations. Tolerance and acceptance of people different from the average militate today in the Democratic Party. It was not always like this.

Both Republicans and Democrats lack ideological roots and can change positions radically. The Democratic Party, which was a hotbed of the KKK, found first in John F. Kennedy, and then (and especially) in Lyndon B. Johnson, the strongest support for black reformism. While the Republican Party, founded by Abraham Lincoln, had its background in the anti-Democrat Whig party, a party that had given freedom to blacks during the Civil War.

As a Cuban exile, I was concerned that Joe Biden would just accept Barack Obama’s policy on the island, but that was not the case. Biden has continued Trump’s strategy of tightening the screws on the dictatorship.

Why has this happened? Because of three key reasons:

First, because it has been seen as an insult that far from accepting with some reciprocal gesture the arrival of engagement instead of containment, the regime took the opportunity to declare its victory and request 126 billion dollars for the damages of the “embargo,” while insulting Obama for having delivered a speech about an openness in Havana.

Second, because the US intelligence services detected an increase in the support for the dictatorships of Maduro in Venezuela and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

Third, because the “Havana Syndrome” was unleashed with the acoustic aggression against American and Canadian diplomats. According to these services, behind that aggression are Putin’s Russians. After Obama’s speech in Havana, Alejandro Castro Espín, the son of Raúl who led the reestablishment of relations between Cuba and the US on the Cuban side, went to Moscow on May 25 and 26 to give a report. Shortly after, the acoustic attack occurred.

Joe Biden does not gamble with the security of the United States. That is why he keeps the pressure on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. There is a lot at stake.

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