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The hour of the adults

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

“It takes half an hour of conversation with the average man to begin to doubt common sense.” I don’t know if Churchill said it, but he surely thought of it. “People,” even educated people, believe in the “afterlife,” in “paranormal” phenomena, that Soros is behind all the vile things in the world, and in the strangest and most surprising conspiracies. Hitler, for example, was convinced that the ills of Germany would disappear by extirpating Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and “other scoundrels” from it.

How can an adult person believe that stupidity? It is the same procedure of the acceptance of myths. The human being needs to find the relation between causes and effects. For thousands of years it was believed that the lightning storm was produced by the anger of the gods, so Martin Luther, trapped in the middle of one of these storms, promised the God of the Christians that he would dedicate himself to revere him if he came out of the episode alive. Today physics and astronomy have explained the phenomenon in a much more convincing way, but the myth persists. People continue to be frightened by the noise of thunder and the sight of lightning.

In fact, electoral fraud in the United States does not exist. Yes, there are the usual irregularities of an election in which more than 150 million people voted, but there is nothing like a national conspiracy capable of altering the final result of an election intensely controlled by Republicans and Democrats in the 3,243 counties where the elections in the 50 states in which the country is divided take place.

Ivana Trump has a PhD in “Trumpology.” She was Donald Trump’s wife from 1977 to 1992. She is the person who knows him best. She had three children with him: Don(ald), Ivanka and Eric. She is a very intelligent Czech who knew and suffered communism directly. She had to flee Czechoslovakia with an Austrian, Mr. Alfred Winklmayr, a ski instructor, who faked a marriage with her to give her a foreign passport and an alibi to leave the proletariat’s paradise.

Ivana said recently that her ex-husband “doesn’t like to lose at all.” She was right. She was talking about the defeat inflicted by Joe Biden. He is unwilling to accept it and alleges, like a child, that the Democratic victory is due to fraud. Or to the hundreds of frauds perpetrated. Thousands of dead people who vote, tens of thousands of ballots sent by mail that are false and with the same return address. Eighty percent of his followers blindly believe what Trump says. If there is something that we are predisposed to maintain, it is the a priori guilt of our politicians. They are guilty until proven otherwise.

Does Donald Trump believe it or does he pretend to believe it? Does he suffer from a childhood trauma because he was beaten or because he didn’t receive a spanking in time? Each minute that passes it is much more difficult for him to accept that he was wrong and congratulate his opponent. His hosts would feel cheated and would believe that “the leader” is another rogue politician. His niece, psychologist Mary Trump, author of a formidable book about her uncle, thinks that he will not do it and that we are in a very dangerous moment that could end in tragedy. She doesn’t even think that he can be tempted by the idea of a return to power four years from now. He knows that he is obese and unhealthy. In four years, he will be nearing 80 and perhaps too old to risk another failure.

Karl Rove, the great Republican strategist, published an article in the WSJ whose title reveals the content: This election result won’t be overturned. First, because it is not true that a fraud has been committed. And second, because the results were much better for the Party than the polls predicted.

RealClear Politics gave Democrats a 7.2 lead. Nate Silver gave them an 8-point lead. The actual margin was 3.3. The Democrats won by a very narrow margin. Republicans kept the Senate and increased the number of representatives in the Lower House.

January 20 is just around the corner. On that date, at noon, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should be installed in the White House. If Donald Trump cannot concede victory to the couple who defeated him, because he has a dark psychological problem that prevents him, he should resign and leave that bitter moment to his vice president. Mike Pence can make that call. It is the hour of the adults.

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  1. Víctor López 15 November 2020 at 6:01 pm Permalink

    “RealClear Politics les daba a los demócratas 7.2 de ventaja. Nate Silver les concedía una ventaja de 8 puntos. El margen real fue 3.3. Los demócratas ganaron por los pelos. Los republicanos conservaron el Senado y mejoraron el número de representantes en la Cámara Baja.”

    Esas cifras lo que demuestran es que efectivamente hubo fraude.

    1) Un “error” de tal proporción de las encuestadoras solo puede explicarse por CONSPIRACIÓN.

    2) Si los Republicanos conservaron el Senado y por sobre todo, ampliaron la Cámara Baja, no pudieron perder el ejecutivo.

    3) Un software de fraude electrónico, fácilmente puede alterar el voto ejecutivo, pero se disuelve en las innumerables combinaciones que existen para las cámaras de todos los estados.

    Cubanos y venezolanos saben bien como desprecia la izquierda la voluntad popular. Por eso usted sabe bien que hubo fraude, no hay que preguntarle a ningún “hombre promedio”. En este, su blog, apenas dos o tres incapaces lo secundan. La comunidad cubana casi en su totalidad lo desprecia, y también usted muy bien lo sabe.

    En atención a la verdad.


    (Manuel se entera que ganó Biden)

  2. Manuel 15 November 2020 at 7:22 pm Permalink

    Los pulmones de los peces son sus branquias.
    En ellas absorben el O2.

    Noten el parecido con mas máscaras q “protegen”
    Contra COVID,
    el virus viaja en sus nabes de vapor y se rie se esas
    Máscaras por no están adheridas a la cara
    Son como bránquias abiertas dejando pasar
    El aire cargado de esas nabes
    De las que basta a penas una inspiración para que
    Se alojen en las fosas nasales
    Y de ahí salten al resto del organismo.

    El pobre tonto vive de ilusiones
    Con sus branquias expuestas a trillones de trillones
    De virus que un trapito o material de cualquier tipo NO va a bloquear

    No hay estudios serios sobre la efectividad de las máscaras
    Y no los habrán

    Lo único verdadero es el ridículo de todo los “sabios”
    De este mundo que como buenos estúpidos y pendejos
    No dejarán de advocar por que nunca dejes de usar
    Tus branquias y, pobre infeliz!, te sientas seguro

    A eso llaman ser adulto

    Hijos de puta

    • Julian Perez 15 November 2020 at 7:26 pm Permalink

      Está buena la analogía con los peces 🙂

      • Manuel 15 November 2020 at 7:32 pm Permalink

        ayer degusté salmón y sardinas

        Debe ser por eso 🙂

        • Manuel 15 November 2020 at 7:33 pm Permalink


          Todo exquisito

          Y la compañia!

  3. Humberto Mondejar Gonzalez 16 November 2020 at 1:26 pm Permalink

    Smartmatic and the Castro Family Covers to carry out electoral fraud in free countries?
    Share: … the possible hidden chain of electoral fraud in the USA ==> Dominion Voting Systems (USA-Canada- Embassy. Just follow the direction of the traffic of that company and its employees. In addition to at least one Update of the machines elections in full voting and counting.) ==> Idra (before yes, but no longer; false due to reckless Spain-Venezuela. This is fraud of the Grandes Liga) ==> Smartmatic (Venezuela-Siboney Santiago de Cuba) ==> ALBET SA (Havana Cuba) ==> UCI (Special Group of Capos de Villa Marista) ==> Fidel (The idea arises in 1998-the separate UCI university is created in 2002) ==> Raul (begins the transition 2006-death of Chávez 2013) ==> Alejandro Castro (transition begins 2014 with the thaw-ends 2017 after the death of Fidel 2016).

  4. Humberto Mondejar Gonzalez 16 November 2020 at 1:34 pm Permalink

    Your heroes:

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