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Trump to Jail?

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

The question everyone is asking is whether Donald Trump will be prosecuted or not. Supporters of the former president believe that “Democrats are so vile and heartless that they are willing to put a former Republican president in jail after falsely blaming him for some crime.” The adversaries assume that, after the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, they have no other choice but to act ex officio.

Cassidy Hutchinson was a prominent employee of Mark Meadows. She was in the middle of the turmoil on January 6, 2021, when the assault on the Capitol took place. Meadows was the last chief of staff for Donald Trump and, judging by the criteria of one of the experts summoned by NPR (The Gateekepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency), he has been the worst of all. He was a yes man when it took someone with enough nerve to tell the president that he was wrong. (And almost no one would dare say “no” to President Trump, according to those who know him firsthand.)

In addition to saying that he was taking food off the walls, because the President had a tantrum and threw the remains of his lunch against the walls of the Oval Office, as he usually does when he gets angry, Cassidy Hutchinson’s revelations are astonishing: Trump, personally, not only did know how dangerous the group was, because he was the one who had summoned it, but he also ordered the removal of the security measures so that the demonstrators could enter easily.

Trump denied all of Ms. Hutchinson’s allegations, but he did so in a personal way. He used ad hominem arguments, very unconvincing. He scoffed at the anecdote about the food being thrown against the Oval Office wall. (Also, he poked fun at his own attorney Rudy Giuliani). Instead of refuting what her words, he said that Hutchinson was an insignificant person, incapable of having a reasonable opinion.

That task was left in the hands of Anthony ‘Tony’ Ornato, a member of the secret service, who denied Hutchinson’s testimony, at least as far as it had to do with him – it was not true. She didn’t tell him anything about Bobby Engel. However, Miss Hutchinson confirmed under oath what she had heard.

The views and testimonies about the events of January 6 are devastating… for those who believe them (as is my case). But 70% of Republicans think they have been victims of fraud. I suspect that Donald Trump initially assumed that he had won and been cheated, but the testimony of the person he had put in charge of the Justice Department, William Barr (Bill, to his friends), eventually convinced him of Joe Biden’s victory, although he is not willing to admit it in any way.

Why was he so intensely confused? Because having obtained 74 million votes served as an incentive, and because he did not believe that Joe Biden, “that weak idiot,” had gotten 81 million and had won half a dozen of the hinge states that Trump had taken from Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, winning in the Electoral College, although he lost the popular vote by almost three million votes.

It is very easy for me to think that I have been cheated. It is enough to assume that the whole of society behaves like what I observe. At the end of 1959, I believed that “all of Cuba” was against the revolution. My mistake was in assuming that “all of Cuba” was against the executions, against the government interventions in the companies and against the growing dictatorship that was being forged. It was a misperception.

I was part of the middle classes. My mother was a teacher at a “Home School.” She had a PhD in Pedagogy. She earned about two hundred dollars a month. I studied at an institute at night and was 16 years old. Since I was very precocious, I married Linda in December 1959, almost a year after the revolution began. We have stayed together. Somehow I was part of the 30% or 40% of the urban middle class linked to Havana.

When “Trumpism” meets, they think that all of them are “white, of northern European origin, anti-Obama, and that they fought for the South in the Civil War.” This is the image that the social mirror shows them. This is the image that prevails among Republicans. But it is not true. Reality is much more complex. The majority of the country is of mixed descent. It is white, it is black, it is mulatto, it is Asian, it is Hispanic. Most believe in the rights of minorities to marry whomever they wish and to pursuit happiness in any way. Most believe and think that the right to abortion belongs to women, who have to deal with the fruit they carry in the womb. That’s why Biden defeated Trump. Just because of that.

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