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Vaccines, ideology and several burning questions

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

A poll published by BBC (World) “revealed that 28% of Americans believed that Bill Gates wants to use vaccines to implant microchips in people. Among Republicans, that figure reached 44%.”

The report in question is titled Coronavirus Vaccine: 4 Conspiracy Theories Debunked by Experts. In addition to the one who blames Bill Gates, there are at least three others that don’t have a first or last name. The one that claims, without any scientific basis, that Pfizer and Moderna “change” people’s DNA by injecting a substance called mRNA. The one that affirms that the vaccine linked to the University of Oxford uses fetal tissue collected in abortions. And the most dangerous, the one that discards all vaccines with the falsehood that it is the same to get vaccinated or not, because spontaneous contagion will at some point achieve “herd immunity” that allows the virus to be ignored, as happened a century ago with the wrongly named “Spanish fever or flu”.

Those who support this latest conspiracy theory forget the permanent damage that COVID-19 causes to some survivors. Beyond the lethal nature of the virus, it produces effects in some individuals that tend to saturate hospital networks.

There are raffles and prizes of up to a million dollars to encourage the population to get vaccinated. This is the case in rural Ohio state, where the incentive has paid off and vaccinated people have multiplied. In Florida, although no one has said it clearly, it seems that authorities have discovered the benefits of “vaccine tourism.” They come to Miami from all over Latin America to receive the saving vaccine. Not only those who expose their arm to the injection and the country where the traveler comes from benefit, but also the punished hotel industry, including the airline, restaurants and shops. It is a good operation for everyone.

What is neither optimal nor convenient is the Republicans’ proclivity to accept “conspiracy theories.” From my total and absolute independence, equidistant from Democrats and Republicans, I ask why most Republicans claim that Joe Biden is president thanks to an electoral fraud?

If this were true, the protesters who entered the Capitol on January 6, 2021 would be considered heroes for trying to hang Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s former vice president. If those Republicans are right, Pence is a despicable traitor, who would have harmed American electoral institutions.

Why did Trump, facing a fraud by Biden and the Democrats, ask his supporters to leave the Capitol, instead of calling on the people to support the patriots, even leading the demonstration himself? Is Trump a coward who forgot his responsibilities as head of the country and of the party founded by Lincoln?

Betraying the process of transmission of authority in the United States is today a more important cause than the secession of the 15 southern states against the 20 in the north in 1861. Why didn’t Donald Trump show the evidence of fraud? Public opinion would have vehemently backed him.

Why on 63 occasions did the courts, without a single exception, including the Supreme Court with a conservative majority, dismiss the fraud complaint made by Rudy Giuliani and other prominent Trumpists?

At what point did the FBI, mostly composed of Republican gentlemen (and some ladies), the champions of law and order since its founding by John Edgar Hoover, embrace the liberal ideology of the Democrats, in the wrong sense of the term?

There are many more questions, but I save them for a future article

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